Elevating Green Living.

This 1980’s home called to be reimagined for the family of five who are committed to eco-conscious living. This split-level residential addition and remodel achieved Gold Certification from the National Green Building Standards. The prestigious recognition echoes our dedication to sustainable building practices and a greener future.

Unique Challenges

Split-Level home remodels present unique challenges with things like energy efficiency, water drainage, and spatial planning – but this one presented us with a unique opportunity. While we are always focused on weaving sustainability throughout our designs without compromising on design and functionality, we took it a step further here. We added several rooms without changing the original footprint of the house.

How HD Squared Approached this Sustainable Renovation

We Started by Opening the Heart of Social Connectivity

Previously, the kitchen, dining, and living room were conjoined but separate spaces. It made the bottom floor feel smaller, and had pockets of darkness where natural light never touched.

We skillfully opened it to create a harmonious space that invites conversations, laughter, and shared moments throughout the whole bottom floor. Removing the separating walls also offered the added benefit of allowing natural light to flow through the whole space along with adding a view to both the front cul-de-sac and back yard through new, energy efficient windows.

After opening the floorplan, we wanted to make sure the space was just as functional for the family as before. So every detail, from energy-efficient appliances to smart space utilization, reflects our vision for beautiful, efficient, and eco-friendly homes.

We Updated the Children’s Haven

The remodel of the existing bedroom level is crafted with the kids in mind.

Rather than having the whole family tucked into this space, we remodeled it just to cater to their needs. All three children now enjoy their own individual bedrooms, each reflecting their unique personalities. We also expanded the main bathroom along with relocating the laundry room to make it more accessible for their daily chores.

We Added an Elevated Owner’s Level

The largest addition to this space was the thoughtfully added fourth level.

It now features an exquisite owner’s suite and home office–a space designed for tranquility and productivity, all while embracing sustainable living practices.

The new owner’s bathroom highlights a modern central glass shower with a tiled shower seat and storage niches, not to be outdone by a luxurious soaking tub basking in the natural light from a generous window niche.

A water closet separated by a privacy glass wall and nearby double sink vanity ensure daily routines are seamlessly integrated into a space that not only pampers but maximizes their time as they prepare for the day side by side.

Each lighting and water fixture was curated for efficiency through Energy Star and WaterSense certifications.

A Delightful Covered Balcony

We believe every homeowner deserves a space that not only captivates with its design but offers functional efficiency. We created a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal with the addition of a delightful covered balcony at the entrance to the house. It has multiple floors, the top being accessible from the new owner’s bedroom and offers a serene escape from the busy indoors. It also shelters the front entrance so the entrance stays welcoming – no matter the weather condition.

Photography by David Burroughs

I just started working with Melanie. I, as a builder, found her plans easy to work with. Her ideas were very creative and practical with a keen eye on both the budget and the environment. I look forward to our future endeavors. I have recommended her to my clients and will continue to do so.

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