Cheverly United
Methodist Church

Melanie Hartwig-Davis first started assisting Cheverly UMC as their pro bono architect in 1999 with the repair of a falling sanctuary ceiling.  Over the next decade, she facilitated raising over $500,000 of grant funding and a MD State Bond Bill in addition to contributed funds for the historic restoration and facility upgrades.  HD2 performed all services from Architectural Services, Interior Design, Construction and Project Management services.

  • 282,000 square foot facility
  • Extensive, systemic energy efficiency upgrades
  • Restoration of the exterior
  • 32 Historic Stained-Glass windows restored
  • 65 casement single pane windows restored that also received supplemental windows. This allowed the integrity of the original structure to be preserved while enhancing the comfort of the occupants and reducing the church’s utility bills.
  • Two Entry renovations, Parlor and Narthex renovations

Melanie and I worked together consistently over the course of about 16 years. She transformed numerous rooms into more welcoming and functional spaces, effectively setting the feel for the entire building. Melanie feels strongly that color has a critical role in the quality of one’s environment. For her, color has many uses such as to orient the occupants, provide the desired mood, define the space, and emphasize functions. We sometimes raised an eyebrow in surprise at some of her selections, but once the renovations were complete, we were thoroughly impressed with the results.


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