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This home, originally built in 1959, was a prime example of the summer ‘Crab Shack’ for Washington, D.C. Metro Area vacationers prior to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and access to the Atlantic Ocean. It has now experienced at least five remodels over the years.

Most recently, HD Squared Architects worked to expand and improve the resiliency of the structure while increasing the adaptability for the family of five. The carbon footprint of the building was signi ficantly reduced through both the reduction of energy used and the addition of renewable energy. Next step is to transform the site to create a nourishing landscape for people and the planet

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Loch Haven River View

For this project, we collaborated with the Church Leadership to create a plan that not only addressed the fire damage but included much needed updates and repairs to the church kitchen and hallways.

 We created and presented intentional designs that paid homage to church’s beloved space while modernizing it with more sustainable elements.




HD Squared Architects gained and in-depth understanding of the home during their existing conditions survey, interviews with the home occupants, and upon completion of an energy audit. This is a critical step prior to addressing the needs and goals of the homeowners.

Ultimately, a garage workshop with home offices above provided much needed space for three active boys and their parents. Many improvements were made to the energy efficiency and insulative value of the existing home during construction , aided by the ability to access cantilevers and crawl spaces before the new siding was installed to create a holistic project with notable curb appeal.

Fossil Fuel Free

One important goal for the homeowner was for their heating and cooling to be fossil fuel free. Solar panels were added to the roof. Any electricity requirements above what the sun supplies is provided 100% by wind through selecting the specific renewable energy supplier with BGE. But, the base ‘Crab Shack’ structure was still fueled by oil. That is, until this year. After 63 years, a new heat pump replaced the original oil furnace and the home climate is now fossil fuel free. This includes the electric vehicles, as charging locations were added to both the inside and the outside of the new garage.

Landscaping with Edibles

Although a raingarden and several bio retention areas were installed in 2016 to capture the garage runoff, turf (lawn) is considered a ‘biodiversity desert’. It does not nourish our wildlife and is ineffective at treating storm water runoff.

Tara Mairs, Landscape Designer, CBLP-D, is working with the homeowners to design a native, Bay friendly landscape with edibles.  These edibles include herbs, fruits and vegetables for people, but also planting feasts for our local bees, butterflies and other wildlife.  This sustainability focus nurtures both the people and the planet.

This landscape transition will happen over the next several seasons, so stay tuned. 

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