Resilient Design is the strategic design of interiors, buildings, landscapes, and communities that provides for the occupants and ecosystems to thrive and adapt in times of challenging circumstances.

Custom Homes including Waterfront

High Performance Homes, Energy Efficient and Resilient. HD Squared Architects meets our clients’ individual expectations for function and beauty while also creating custom home designs that reduce our human impacts on the natural environment. No matter if your passion ranges from an efficiently designed, environmentally friendly home to being Super-Efficient, Carbon Capturing, Net-Zero, with Passive Design, LEED Certified, meeting the National Green Building Certification (NGBC) or even to create a Tiny Home – our designers and building science experts share your passion to create your dream home with a purpose.

Residential Additions and Remodeling

Family needs evolve and our homes need to adapt with us, for us. Whether it is a growing family looking for more space, a parent needing a home office, or the desire to create single level living for aging in place (including Universal Design / ADA renovations), HD Squared is here to recreate your home to meet your needs.

For applicable projects, home energy audits are performed during the Existing Condition Survey to provide critical information about the integrity of the existing home, thus guiding the design team to ensure the recreated home is not only functional and beautiful but also efficient with reduced energy costs.

Our Kitchen and Bath Design emphasizes water and energy conservation as well as beautiful and durable material selections with embodied energy taken into consideration.

Site Design including Stormwater Management

Our passion for integrating our built and the natural environments often has us mistaken as Landscape Architects.   Rather, we understand the impact our built environment has on our sites and we believe it is our responsibility to minimize that impact while creating resiliency. While creating outdoor connectivity that inspires and rejuvenates, we address the potential for damaging weather conditions such as nuisance flooding, high winds and sea level rise.

Historic Preservation

Preserving our historic buildings also preserves our culture for generations to come. HD Squared Architects has secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients through grants and tax incentives to help restore, preserve and improve our clients’ historic buildings.

Adaptive Reuse

The most sustainable building is the one already built. By re-creating existing structures to meet a different use, we capitalize on the value of existing resources right in front of us while also creating unique, engaging buildings for our communities. Can your under-utilized building address our nation’s housing shortage by transforming into multi-family housing? Does your congregation meet in a building with additional space that could serve the community’s need for a yoga studio or youth meeting space? HD2 staff thrives on programmatic and design challenges that create more responsive, resilient buildings that meet both the building owner and community’s needs.


Houses of worship experience immense use often requiring repair and maintenance. In addition, congregational community needs evolve. Re-design of churches for adapting can be as simple as an interior expansion for a more functional entry to an additional wing for educational purposes. There is no better structure for illustrating ‘Creation Care’ for our natural resources and healthy building practices than a place of worship.

HD Squared Architects - Conference Center - Restaurant - Bar - Renovation

Commercial Interiors / Tenant Build-Outs

Our responsibility is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your goals in order to create spaces that will enhance your team’s productivity and engage your clients. We work closely with our clients to balance budget with durable, low maintenance, low carbon design solutions.

Master Plans

Connectivity, Resiliency, Identity and Branding. If you have goals for your home but want to phase the implementation or even a marina with multiple buildings, we are here to envision the wholistic project and implement that vision based on your desired timeline.

Permitting / Waterfront Critical Area / Variances

Our experienced team has held positions on both sides of the table, both writing regulations for municipalities and advocating for our clients’ projects. We offer permit expediting services and can lead your project through variance application processes if required.

Advocating / Consulting

Our staff has spent decades advocating for the importance of quality design, the preservation of the natural environment, healthy air, clean water, minimization of waste and eliminating inefficiencies. If a challenging project or regulation is impacting your goals, we step into the room ready to exercise our creativity and strategize solutions for the most beneficial options.

As a custom homebuilder and remodeler we have truly enjoyed working with HD Squared Architects. HD Squared Architects’ talent for design and care for each client is apparent every step of the way. They are very responsive to client needs and act with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. As a result plans reflect outstanding architectural design that exceeds client expectations. HD Squared Architects are great to work with and we would strongly recommend them.

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